What customers are saying about Peninsula Wellness & Performance

I’ve had the pleasure of working with both Bobby and Jaclyn. They are both very knowledgeable and truly care about your healing journey. I spent 8 weeks with Bobby where I learned corrective exercises to strengthen my body, I suffered from chronic back, hip, and ankle pain brought on by an injury as well as muscle tension from chronic anxiety years prior. I continue these exercises at home and have not suffered from chronic pain since. I just love that the exercises are simple and can be done at home. Bobby also helped me with Nutrition, he knows exactly what a recovering body needs to stay strong and healthy. I had seen chiropractors in the past but none have been as helpful as Jaclyn. Her methods are something I had never encountered and I get much more effective relief from her forms of treatment than I have anywhere else. This facility is the “missing link” Port Angeles needed. Go start your road to permanent recovery with these warm, friendly faces – Mary Bellis


Bobby and Jaclyn have worked together to help me improve my physical health and I am grateful for their expertise and dedication. I have been dealing with a back issue for many years and have already been through one surgery and many physical therapies and chiropractic sessions. Never in all of my years dealing with these problems has anyone taken the time to really help me understand not only what is happening and most importantly, why it is happening – Ron Gaydeski


An extremely unique workout, self-care, and wellness center. The chiropractic care is exceptional. I really appreciate the depth of knowledge of Dr. Duenas. In the exercise area, this is the first time I’ve experienced a trainer and fitness consultant so trustworthy, professional, knowledgeable, and sincere. It seems their expertise is with athletes and yet they’ve been excellent for this non-athlete who cares about health. Would definitely recommend it – Eileen Schmitz


Dr. Jaclyn has helped me a ton with my alignment and weakness issues. This has reduced my pain and allowed me to work out more efficiently so I can remain pain-free. Both her and Bobby understand how the body works and will create a custom plan to help you actually start to feel better. I highly recommend both of them as they have a wealth of knowledge and a passion for helping others – Courtney Nestler