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Small Group Training


If you’re more motivated by working out with a team/group this is for you. Another bonus is you will be saving money on you personal training sessions!

The workouts are much more personalized than the Strength and Conditioning classes as the trainer will be able to focus on 2-6 people rather than 8-12. There will be more specific modifications and selection of proper exercises to fit each individual in the group. Along with those bonuses, the trainer can also focus on a specific goal that the entire small group may have in mind.

Single class drop in $40
4 classes a month Small Group Training membership $140 (per month)
8 classes a month Small Group Training membership  $260 (per month)
4 classes a month+ 24hr access key fob membership $180 (per month)
8 classes a month+ 24hr access key fob membership $270 (per month)

*prices do not include WA state tax, or local tax (current sales tax is 8.7%)

Alison Moore


Alison began her work in functional movement and the healing arts over 10 years ago. Experienced in a diverse range of yoga and meditation techniques, she has spent innumerable hours exploring these powerful practices in her own body to allow for the most authentic expression in teaching. Following a relocation to the Pacific Northwest where much of her family resides, she joined Peninsula Wellness and Performance to train as a Corrective Exercise Practitioner and is pursuing certification in this field to expand her therapeutic offerings.

With a background in competitive kickboxing, she understands the courage we ask of ourselves when venturing to explore a new physical challenge. And with kindness and levity, she invites each of us to expand the boundaries of what we believe is possible. Come join her and unveil the next layer of your own self!

123 E 1st Street Suite 1A Port Angeles, WA 98362

Wellness & Performance Consultations

Consultations are a 1-on-1 sit down discussion with a health & fitness professional. A variety of topics may be covered in these sessions. From nutrition education to complex workout programming. You can come up with a topic you would like to cover, and the trainer will provide you with information and education about said topic.